Bioremediate and Restore
With Only ONE Application!

BrosPlus ®

BrosPlus is a 100% organic product. BrosPlus is made from non-toxic, non-pathogenic ingredients.

  • BrosPlus requires only ONE application!
  • BrosPlus bioremediates water in 9-15 days, soil in 30-45 days
  • BrosPlus works on almost all types of soils, including agricultural lands
  • BrosPlus works both aerobically and anaerobically. Adding oxygen speeds up the process
  • BrosPlus treated water has been studied with with rats, cows, birds, fish and shrimp
  • Tests show ameba surviving and dividing in treated water after only 30 minutes

  • The main components are bacteria, enzymes and nutrients. BrosPlus is used to biodegrade the spill first, then to restore the site, either water or soil, with only ONE application.

  • Surface and Subsurface, in situ or ex situ
  • Underground soil injections
  • Landfarming disposal
  • Crude oil down to 12˚ API
  • Gasoline/Diesel
  • Crankcase oil/Lubricants
  • Paraffins
  • Soils
  • Creeks/Rivers, fresh and brackish
  • Lakes/Lagoons, fresh and brackish
  • Open Ocean