Lapacho: Innovative Remediation Biotechnology in Record Time

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Lapacho: Innovative Remediation Biotechnology in Record Time

Archived Monday, December 9, 2013

Biodeclean is a bacterium that achieved cleaning hydrocarbon contaminated soils in about 30 days.
In a pilot test it was successful in restoring the material covered in one month.

January, 2013

Lapacho, an oil services company, and the environment, in association with a Venezuelan group, introduced the Bolivian market to an innovative environmental technology to remediate soils contaminated with hydrocarbons.

Biodeclean is a product that can be applied with a sprayer for agricultural use, to remove oils and fats of all kinds (from hydrocarbons, animal or vegetable origin), adding oxygen is required for this operation. Product enzymes begin the process of biodegradation of contaminated solids and liquids.

This product can be used pure and/or dissolved in water in equal proportions, depending on how dirty the equipment or facilities you have to be cleaned (decontaminated). Biodeclean produces abundant foam, which helps the washing process. This foam will have to be completely removed to end the process.

The second step to end decontamination of solids or liquids contaminated with hydrocarbon components, is to apply the BrosPlus mixed with 50% water; if the material to be treated is very polluted, the product can be used in pure form.

Applying BrosPlus is achieved with a sprayer for agricultural use, making sure the entire surface is covered with the product. It is important to be able to (occasionally) move (till or turn) the contaminated solids to achieve 100% implementation of the product on the contaminated material.

One application is sufficient to achieve decontamination of the treated material.

Any solids must (be) moved (or tilled to properly) oxygenate the treated area (gravel, sand or rocks), with the use of agricultural tractors with drag. It is important to aerate solids every week to achieve the values of the parameters required by the government agency (Ministry of Environment, etc.).

In four weeks, the objective of the decontamination process will be fulfilled.

Lapacho has developed a pilot test area with Biodeclean where there was an dielectric oil spilled with excellent results.

"We have a high expectation of applying the product for the treatment of contaminated soils. Normally it takes up to a year to remedy liabilities while longer with our product have amazing results in a month." said Lapacho company CEO, Coca Eddy.

According to the executive, a 2014 campaign will begin to disseminate results and successful applications of this product.

Lapacho is committed to the conservation of the environment. Provides management services for both liquid and solid waste, optimizing the use of resources and appropriate technologies; under the principles of continuous improvement, compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards in force.

The company provides management services and personnel management drilling / intervention. Geomembrane waterproofing pools, reforestation and plugging, drilling fluid treatment and intervention. Bioremediation treatments, treatment services of black and gray water tank cleaning and oil handling and treatment of solid waste generated during drilling and intervention.

It is a family business founded upon the vision of its founder and now CEO.

Author: Yandira Toledo J.