Technica BrosPlus
BioDeclean ®

Technica BrosPlus BioDeclean ® is a cleaning agent that is a 100% biodegradable hydrocarbon molecule chain breaker.

BrosPlus BioDeclean is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable.

BrosPlus BioDeclean is a water based, solvent free formulation consisting of non-pathogenetic, non-toxic bacteria and enzymes. BrosPlus BioDeclean is a co-stimulant agent for bioremediation processes, breaking down the chain of the hydrocarbon molecule at a higher rate when combined with BrosPlus to ensure cleaning and faster results on soil.

See the data safety sheet of materials appropriate for a general description of the physical and chemical properties.

Co-stimulant hydrocarbon molecule chain breaker for bioremediation sites including water and soil. BrosPlus is required to complete the job of bioremediation.

  • Works on almost all types of soils and rocks
  • Restaurant greases, oils or fats
  • Light biodegradable eco-friendly degreaser to clean skimmers
  • Workshop floors
  • Breaks down dielectric oils. When combined with BrosPlus, total remediation is achieved
  • Trucks, cars and other vehicles contaminated with all kinds of hydrocarbon contaminants
  • Auto shops and gas stations
  • Vegetable oil traps
  • Work best with crude oil from 20˚ API and up