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  • Biodeclean


    Bioremediation and Restoration Product

    Water base bio-surfactant agent, that tends to accelerate the breaking of the hydrocarbon chains at a faster rate, predominantly on higher to medium grades API contaminants. It works best combining or followed by the application of the product BROSPLUS® (soil or water). As a final bioremediation and restoration process of the affected area.

  • Biodeclean Heavy

    Biodeclean Heavy®

    Bioremediation and Restoration Product

    Potent bio-surfactant, agent that tends to accelerate braking the hydrocarbon chains at a faster rate specially on lower grades API contaminants. It works best combining or followed by the application of the product BROSPLUS® (soil or water). As a final bioremediation and restoration process of the affected area.

  • Biodeclean Water 5000

    Biodeclean Water 5000®

    Water and Wastewater Cleaner

    This product is also 100% biodegradable. It is a component of microbial formulation and biological percentage. This product has proven effective multiple applications; especially in industrial water cleaning, including wastewater and water treatment; as well as in algae control and disposal. This product also contains odor-controlling agents, for general industrial applications.

  • Biodeclean 1040

    Biodeclean 1040®

    Hydrocarbon and Mechanical Cleaner

    This is a 100% Biodegradable product, composed of non-pathogenic bacteria, biodegradable surfactants, plus other bio-components. This is a dual-action product that cleanses and biodegrades waste, after the cleaning process. It is also a product containing hydrocarbons for multiple, heavy industrial applications in cleaning of mechanical parts and equipment; drilling equipment; oil-transport vessels, and transport equipment in general; on oil-drilling rigs; pipes, storage tanks, etc.

  • Biodeclean 470

    Biodeclean 470®

    Disinfectant, Degreaser and Odor remover

    The product is 100% biodegradable, combined with a formulation of biological ingredients; which act predominantly as cleaning agent, disinfectant, and odor remover, mainly in vegetable oil and its derivatives. It also has a high-efficiency rating as a degreaser for cleaning off dirt and grime; and has other domestic and industrial applications.

  • Biodeclean 77

    Biodeclean 77®

    Disinfectant and Degreaser Product

    100 % biodegradable product combines with a bio-content formulation. It acts as a cleaning and disinfectant agent mainly on vegetable oil and its derivates. It has a high efficiency rate as a cleaning degreaser on dirt and grime as well as other industrial and house hold applications.

  • Biodeclean Marine

    Biodeclean Marine®

    Ship/Boat Cleaning Product

    This boat cleaning product is also 100% biodegradable. It combines a specialized biological formulation designed for a wide variety of marine applications: Removes barnacles and mussels off boat/ship hulls; and mineral deposits, such as lime and calcium; brightens. It also protects the brigthtwork and surfaces. This product also eliminates odors. Heat transfer equipment, as well as other multipurpose cleaning applications such as cleanings; Ships and boats, marine platform cleanings, odour removal in marine operations and also has a high cleaning rate and protection of additional.

  • Biodeclean D-900

    Biodeclean D-900®

    Multipurpose Cleaning Product

    This is a multipurpose cleaning product was formulated for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and domestic applications, such as in aviation, automotive, and hotel. It is also biodegradable in its formulation and content, very effective as a carpet cleaner and stain remover, among its other potential uses.

  • Biodeclean Damus-7

    Biodeclean Damus-7®

    Oil Cleaning Product

    This product is an ecological decarbonizer, improver and restorer of used oils, formulated based on 100% biodegradable raw materials and in an aqueous medium. The only one in the market to have enzymes that improve oils, lubricants and fats (Brosplus®), which quickly and efficiently stimulate the separation and precipitation of microparticles that are in a suspended state as impurities that affect the quality of the oils.


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