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This is a 100% organic bio-tensoactive product, composed of a composition of bacteria, plus nutrients and specialized enzymes. This product is non-pathogenic, so it is non-toxic to humans, fauna and flora; characteristics that make this product safe, and also easy to use. The product has several outstanding features: It accelerates the bioremediation process; and then restores the ecosystem by eliminating contamination of hydrocarbon origin, and can be safely applied to all types of soils and bodies of water, including saltwater, freshwater, and brackish water.



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PF 773 is a fluidifier, which means that when added to crude oil, it is able to modify the fluidization characteristics of the mass by improving viscosity and increasing drag speed. It also modifies the API grades of crude oil, increasing the saturated and aromatic components, while decreasing the amount of asphaltenes. This means that the SARA fraction improves. It acts as an enhancer in the transport of crude oil in pipelines and maintains the fluidification even when the temperature in the mass of cured oil decreases.



This product is an excellent decarbonizer from waste oils, only! Additional treatment is needed, however, in order to reuse treated waste oil. This product does not appear to increase emissions during the process.



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  • Biodeclean®

    Water base bio-surfactant agent, that tends to accelerate the breaking of the hydrocarbon chains at a faster rate, predominantly on higher to medium grades API contaminants. It works best combining or followed by the application of the product BROSPLUS® (soil or water). As a final bioremediation and restoration process of the affected area.

  • Biodeclean Heavy®

    Potent bio-surfactant, agent that tends to accelerate braking the hydrocarbon chains at a faster rate specially on lower grades API contaminants. It works best combining or followed by the application of the product BROSPLUS® (soil or water). As a final bioremediation and restoration process of the affected area.

  • Biodeclean Water 5000®

    This product is also 100% biodegradable. It is a component of microbial formulation and biological percentage. This product has proven effective multiple applications; especially in industrial water cleaning, including wastewater and water treatment; as well as in algae control and disposal. This product also contains odor-controlling agents, for general industrial applications.

  • Biodeclean 1040®

    This is a 100% Biodegradable product, composed of non-pathogenic bacteria, biodegradable surfactants, plus other bio-components. This is a dual-action product that cleanses and biodegrades waste, after the cleaning process. It is also a product containing hydrocarbons for multiple, heavy industrial applications in cleaning of mechanical parts and equipment; drilling equipment; oil-transport vessels, and transport equipment in general; on oil-drilling rigs; pipes, storage tanks, etc.

  • Biodeclean 470®

    The product is 100% biodegradable, combined with a formulation of biological ingredients; which act predominantly as cleaning agent, disinfectant, and odor remover, mainly in vegetable oil and its derivatives. It also has a high-efficiency rating as a degreaser for cleaning off dirt and grime; and has other domestic and industrial applications.

  • Biodeclean 77®

    100 % biodegradable product combines with a bio-content formulation. It acts as a cleaning and disinfectant agent mainly on vegetable oil and its derivates. It has a high efficiency rate as a cleaning degreaser on dirt and grime as well as other industrial and house hold applications.

  • Biodeclean Marine®

    This product is also 100% biodegradable. It combines a specialized biological formulation designed for a wide variety of marine applications: Removes barnacles and mussels off boat/ship hulls; and mineral deposits, such as lime and calcium; brightens. It also protects the brigthtwork and surfaces. This product also eliminates odors. Heat transfer equipment, as well as other multipurpose cleaning applications such as cleanings; Ships and boats, marine platform cleanings, odour removal in marine operations and also has a high cleaning rate and protection of additional.

  • Biodeclean D-900®

    This is a multi-purpose product was formulated for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and domestic applications, such as in aviation, automotive, and hotel. It is also biodegradable in its formulation and content, very effective as a carpet cleaner and stain remover, among its other potential uses.


    During biodegradation; they work in stages: physical, chemical and microbiological stages breaking down the carbonated chains of hydrocarbon into fractions, through a multi -enzymatic processes.

    The specific bacteria and enzymes combinations found in our products brake down the hydrocarbons particles and through various metabolic and physiological processes reduce it to CO2 and H2O as its final disposition.

    A cost effective approach using high grade quality products to accomplish the bioremediation process with the added benefits of safety, quality, and price while reducing costly liabilities.


    Characteristics of the bioremediation products

    • Are easy to use
    • Apply by direct spraying mechanical or manual
    • Dissolve in different proportions of water, according to the surface and desired results
    • They act within the following physical ranges: pH 3.5-10.5 - temperatures from 5°C to 50°C
    • They should be stored at temperatures below 120°F (48.8°C)
    • Its useful life depends on the temperature of storage, but its shelf life is approx for up to two (2) years

    We are a central Florida-based veteran and woman-owned manufacturer, with more than twenty five years of proven experience in petroleum recovery and treatment in Bioremediation of soil and water. Our products are 100% organic; and we manufacture our products under our own registered brands, TECNICA BROSPLUS™ (our flagship product), as well as BIODECLEAN™. We employ these products along with our proven bio-remediation techniques and applications. We can also chemically formulate our products for cleaning waste oil; as well as for biochemical multi use, including cleaning and degreasing. Our main goal, then, is to provide our clients with the highest quality results at competitive costs. We also provide the best technical field support possible, underscored by adhering to strict quality and safety standards established by the government and the industry.


    G&C AMBIENTPETROL V, INC.’s, mission is to impact the field of bioremediation by doing biochemical bioremediation and thus establish itself as a major leader and innovator in the industry. We will achieve that mission by keeping relevant and current in the industry needs; as well as through a dynamic marketing framework. Above all we owe our employees and clients with professional responsibility and integrity.


    To become the world’s most innovative manufacturer of bioremediation and biochemical products in the industry, noted among its costumers for delivering the best outcomes of its technical abilit, connectedness, responsiveness, and predictable tailored formulations and environmentally safe solutions.


    Our values are based on our Christian faith, placing the good Lord first in our lives, and in what we do.We stand behind our products. We also conduct business with responsibility, honesty, and integrity.

    We invite you to our website; where you can choose from our own exclusive, certified brands of environmentally, biodegradable line of products, Technica Brosplus® & Biodeclean®.

    G&C Ambient Petrol V Inc. provides a range of liquid products for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon-based spills and contaminants. Spray the product onto the contamination and watch it literally disintegrate. The process starts immediately and breaks down hydrocarbons in seconds to minutes. Large spills break down in hours, as do any aromatics. Complete remediation of the environment occurs in only days to weeks.

    With deployments in North America, South America and Africa, we can help you with cleanups in ocean environments, fresh water environments, wetlands, drylands, forests and agricultural lands anywhere world wide.

    Please contact us us with any questions regarding operational requirements, environmental impact, pricing, availability, lead time, and shipping requirements.


    G&C AMBIENTPETROL V, INC possesses the in-house knowledge and experience, and worldwide operational presence to design and supply its line of 100% bio-degradable and ecological products to provide solutions for treating sludge, oil spills (in water, soil, or vegetation); pit post-treatment cleanups; as well as urban and polluted bodies of waters and rivers needing industrial degreasing and clean-up operations.

    We are a company with the experience, resources, and product lines, equipped to remediate contaminated areas that can often vary significantly in their composition and characteristics in-situ and ex-situ applications.

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    G&C AMBIETPETROL experienced staff of professional field teams work with our client-customers in evaluating the specific problem area(s); and work toward the proper solution each situation would involve; in order to diminish the operational costs associated with the final clean-up and disposal that accords amicably with the environment. In fact, we provide technical assistance to major companies and smaller companies alike, as well as government entities and corporations around the globe.

    New Additions

    We have expanded our 100% Organic product line to service the Oil Industry water and soil bioremediation needs. Our line of products also includes, crude oil demulsifiers, waste oil decarbonizers, algae control and Treatment, carpet and spot remover cleaner, industrial and household degreasers, as well as an agricultural product.

    We can help you get maximum recovery of contaminated sites as well as other types of contaminants and cleaning operations

    We can help you get maximum recovery of contaminated sites as well as other types of contaminants and cleaning operations

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